New in Update v3.3.0.21

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  • Switzerland: adapted to the requirements of Switzerland, language: german, french
  • Austria: adapted to the requirement Austria, language: german
  • before reading back a backup, a complete backup of the current data is created
  • Animal hygiene can be recorded and evaluation of this
  • Capturing a blanket lameness
  • Long text presentation available under diagnostics
  • Automatic assignment of articles to diagnostics
  • Use of barcode readers for animal calling possible
  • Clicking on the comments in the history will display the comments in full
  • Animal list WV now displays the WV data and comments
  • Change in the flow of automatic re-introduce and vet re-introduce, if set in this way, a comment is requested
  • vet re-introduction is no longer deselected by clicking when a comment is requested. comment/note is correctable
  • Introduction of diagnostic mapping in markers and alarm diagnoses with the respective threshold
  • Own colors for infectious and non-infectious diagnoses
  • Diagnosis can now be assigned to groups: infectious, non-infectious, laminitis/trauma conditional, not laminitis/trauma conditional, lesions with exposed sclera + DD and lesions not laminitis/trauma conditional + DD
  • Determination of the age for hoof care in days
  • Use of animal numbers in statistics and cared/not cared animals
  • individual therapy status
  • Possibility of handing over of animals for presentation by the farmer (from HERDEplus) in “presentation”


  • Data exchange takeover / handover completely revised
    • only possible if the correct VVVO number is entered for the farm
    • when merging different hoof applications, assigned appointments are taken over
      • either the closest or the furthest date
  • re-introduction list date last treatment corrected
  • after closing/opening of KLAUE, the re-introduction list was no longer displayed